Zusammenstoppeln, a Group Novel
We are writing a novel by exquisite corpse. This method will prove rapid and effective; spreading the onus of creation over ten to fifteen individual writers.


1. Each person should write roughly 1000 words per turn, over the course of two days.

2. Everyone may read the first two sentences, which are as follows:

"Master Chung's coffin was slowly lowered into the ground. Here is a list of everyone who was present: Sheldon Oliver, Sissy Turnbull, Claude and Jill Ballard, Bill John, Sydney Thorne, Trammer Roofy, and Viviana Martin."

Other than this, you may read only the 1000 words of the previous writer.

3. You can, however, provide an extremely skeletal synopsis of critical developments in the plot, in order to insure continuity and non-contradiction. Deaths, for example— or sharp turning points in the plot.
You are not required to provide such a synopsis.

4. You must choose the next writer by a random method.

5. Only this randomly-chosen writer may read the 1000 words you've written; and you must not talk to anyone about your story development.

6. Thou shalt not cling too tightly to your creation; nor fret excessively over its creation.

Key Plot Elements, so far.
Master Chung
-We begin at Master Chung's funeral
-After the funeral is over, the novel begins 6 months earlier
-Master Chung trusts Sydney Thorne
-Once thought to be immortal. Trammer Roofy still believes this.

Sheldon Oliver
-American, recently became a monk and loyal follower of Chung. Self-righteous, self-important

Jill Ballard
-has a history with Master Chung
-sister to Claude Ballard
-lent Claude a large sum of money
-was a lover at one time to Sydney

Claude Ballard
-has a history with Master Chung
-brother to Jill Ballard
-Lost all of the money Jill lent him (Jill is unaware). He is joining Jill on a trip to Master Chung's compound because he was promised a modest sum of money in return.
Bill John
-was given orders by Sydney Thorne to assassinate Master Chung
-works for Sydney Thorne, he is making sure Claude and Jill Ballard arrive safely at Master Chung's compound.
-is pale and 31, looks like he’s in his 40s

Sydney Thorne
-gave Bill John orders to assassinate Master Chung
-trusted by Master Chung
-works for Master Chung. He has been told to follow and eventually bring Trammer Roofy to Master Chung's compound.
-was jill’s lover
-was a scientist/writer

Trammer Roofy
-Believes Master Chung is immortal
-Reads, and rips out, an article discussing microbes that break down plastics.
-childhood friend of jill and claude
-has told his friends and family that he is a member of the Vermont army national guard and that he has served in iraq/Kuwait—they do not suspect that he is covering up another job/life.
-wears glasses

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